Once you have selected the perfect spot for your outdoor TV, the next step is selecting the right TV mount. Apollo Enclosures makes several types of durable, stainless steel weatherproof mounts stainless steel hardware, that will secure your TV and its Enclosure to whichever surface you choose.

TV on an exterior wall

The first option and most common option is a wall mount. A wall mount will secure the TV and enclosure to a wall. This mount will not be able to pivot the TV left or right but it should have the ability to tilt the TV and this will allow you to select the optimal height on your outdoor wall and then adjust the tilt for maximum comfort for you and your guests.

TV Wall Mount
Articulating wall Mount

The next option is a dual articulating wall mount. This allows you to make the TV swivel left or right and is ideal for outdoor spaces where the seating will be moved depending on what you are doing with that space at the moment. Maybe your breakfast nook is to the left of your TV and you outdoor sofas and grilling area is to the right of the TV. Watch the pre-game show over breakfast and watch the game with friends, while grilling, later that day. With an articulating wall mount, the TV will face the direction that you want it to face.

TV Mounted on and hanging from ceiling of an outdoor, brick pavilion. Small lake in back ground.
Ceiling Mount

If you do not want to place the TV on an outdoor wall, it is not a problem. Apollo Enclosures offers an adjustable height ceiling mount. Mount the TV from a second floor overhang or a solid overhead covering of your deck or patio.

These three types of mounts will accommodate most sizes and weights of small and medium sized TV and their enclosure. If you are going to set up a very large TV outdoors, you will need a mount to handle its extra size and weight. For that, we recommend a heavy duty flat wall mount which will hold up to 255 pounds and will accommodate our 86”and 98” inch enclosures and the TV inside.

Each sized Apollo enclosure will accommodate a TV within a given size range and as a result, the smaller size TV in that given range will show a slight gap between the edge of your TV and the edges of the enclosure. Not a problem, Apollo Enclosures modesty frame slats (optional accessory) will fill that gap to provide a more custom fit improve the appearance of the TV itself. When your TV is not in use, a dust cover will keep dust off the TV and keep the enclosure clean in between viewing.

Apollo Enclosures accessories allow you to securely place your TV and enclosure as well as keeping it as a clean and stylish addition to your outdoor living space

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