At Apollo Enclosures, we understand that a good entertainment center, especially an outdoor entertainment center, is an investment and we have some tips on how to keep it safe and working well for years to come. Apollo enclosures keep your TV safe from the typical environmental hazards that will destroy an unprotected, indoor TV that is placed outside. You will not have to worry about humidity, dust, hot or cold weather, insects or rain damaging your TV. But there are some other potential issues to consider. Luckily, common sense and Apollo enclosures accessories have you covered.

One issue for all TVs, including outdoor TVs, is theft. Along with common sense solutions like placing the TV out of view from the street and having a motion sensitive camera in your backyard, you may want an Apollo Enclosures anti-theft security kit, designed for wall mount installations. It secures the enclosure close to the wall with a padlock of your choice and deters the ability for anyone to remove the TV from the enclosure or the enclosure from the mount.

Padlock and anti-theft bars for outdoor TV Enclosure/Cabinet
Anti-theft security kit

Another security issue to consider TV is keeping yourself safe. Wet weather combined with an unsafe outdoor TV setup can cause electrocution, an outcome we all want to avoid. Luckily, every Apollo enclosure is outdoor certified to UL/CSA safety standards and they come with an outdoor rated power cord. and. Those two features will keep you and your family safe from any electrical accidents even in the wettest of weather conditions.

The last safety aspect to consider is for your TV in extreme hot and cold. A standard Apollo enclosure will protect the TV in temperatures from about 32F to 105F ( 0C to 40C) . If you live in an area with especially cold temperatures and/or especially high humidity, you should add a thermostatically controlled heating module which can protect against heavy condensation and against even colder temperatures, as low as about 0F (or -18C).

Talking about safety is not quite as fun as talking about all the fun things you can do with outdoor TV but Apollo Enclosures wants you, your family, your guests and the TV itself to be safe in order to enjoy all the benefits that outdoor TV offers for years to come.

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