There’s no getting around it, outdoor TV does cost more than indoor TV. The home is essentially a giant enclosure and that is why Indoor TVs cost so much less, they don’t need extra protection from environmental hazards like humidity, dust, pollen, insects and extreme heat and cold. While an Apollo Enclosure PLUS a TV, of your choice, adds up to less than a comparable purpose-built outdoor TV, the savings will increase over time for one simple reason, the fact that a TV plus enclosure option is able to avoid costly obsolescence of TV technology, which strikes purpose-built TVs from day one.

Home AV enthusiasts know that with advancements in technology changing as quickly as the speed of light, the new products we just purchased seem to change almost the moment we get them.  Apollo carefully tracks trends in the outdoor TV industry and develops products and solutions that help the customer purchase an enclosure that will last for long periods, and still provide easier TV upgrades when the need arises, all with the purpose of optimizing your outdoor TV viewing experience while minimizing the financial outlay – providing peace from obsolescence from the get-go”

For safe, weatherized, anti-reflective outdoor TV viewing, two primary options exist – Expensive outdoor TV’s or an Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosure and a smart TV of your choice (both brand and technology). In either case, your get the environmental protection you need for installing TV outdoors, but your pocket is so much happier when you pick the TV and see a savings of anywhere from 20-60% depending on what TV technology you opt for.  

Obsolescence is inevitable, so why not leave your options open to upgrade, if you want, or simply know you have the best solution of Your Choice for a whole lot less.  The purchase of an outdoor TV does not allow for technology upgrade without a whole new outdoor TV and the same very high cost, or more, than the first time!

At Apollo Enclosures, we strive to deliver award winning Outdoor TV enclosures along with cost-effective and obsolescence-proof outdoor TV viewing solutions. Make the most of your time outdoors and use the money you save on other fun things.

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