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Our Story

This Californian startup seems to have found the formula that outdoor enthusiasts are looking for: A quality, sleek environmental enclosure that makes any TV your outdoor TV – all for a much lower price point.

Started by Lynn Stearn, the former VP of Sales for the leading outdoor TV brand, and designed and engineered by Larry Kaiser, the very person who created the outdoor TV category with the SunBriteTV products,  we knew there was a void in the market for an affordable and more stylish solution for enjoying TV outdoors.

The enclosure category was known to be big, bulky boxes and plastic containers – unattractive at best.  Lynn contacted Larry and talked about how many dealers were unable to get customers to purchase expensive dedicated outdoor TVs and with the ever-decreasing cost of TVs today, they just installed indoor TV outdoors for their customers. “It was an explanation I heard far too many times and we believed there definitely was a better solution,” said Lynn.

She knew Larry’s years of outdoor product expertise would result in an enclosure design that customers could be proud to install in their homes and business, but mostly it would be safer than installing indoor TV’s outdoors and far more affordable.

Our mission was to redefine that category with a beautiful, sleek and slim enclosure that incorporated the quality customers were used to inexpensive outdoor TV’s, but also providing future-proofing of TV technology with the ability to place whatever TV customers wanted inside the enclosure and upgrade whenever they desired.  That takes a lot of stress out of the buying decision when wondering if the moment you buy an outdoor TV, a new TV technology will emerge in a few months leaving you to feel like “if you had just waited a little longer.”

No need to worry anymore with an Apollo Enclosure.

We saw that dedicated outdoor TVs were not up to par in technology but still very expensive; less expensive repurposed indoor televisions wearing the badge of an outdoor TV were a risky purchase decision or outdoor enclosures that were reasonably priced were oversized, bulky and ugly; certainly not a design I would ever use in my home.  That’s when we knew we had a much better solution, – Said  Lynn Stearn on their “aha” moment

That better solution was Apollo Enclosures, the leading-edge outdoor TV enclosure company that has taken the outdoor living category by storm since they launched in 2014.

Five years after launching, they continue to take steps to guarantee quality and value for their customers. The enclosure line is manufactured in the USA for full control of quality consistency and certified to UL/CSA safety standards.  Still responding to customer feedback on best sizes and features keeps our focus on the outdoor trends.   The result is always better than what existed before,” said Lynn.

But how much less expensive is it?  With a cost that’s up to 50% less for a better outdoor experience, we can see why customers are loving Apollo.

Apollo 75" outdoor TV enclosure installation



Mastering the Outdoor TV Viewing Experience

The inspiration for Apollo Enclosures evolved throughout the 10 years Lynn Stearn served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SunBriteTV®, the first all-weather true outdoor television, and as a founding member of its management team.

Rollout of Product Line

Apollo’s full line of award-winning TV enclosures. Now the consumer and professional buyer has the flexibility to select a best in brand TV and make it a safe, outdoor TV, while saving significantly from the cost of dedicated outdoor TV’s currently in the market.

Expanding Product Line

Apollo Enclosures introduces their largest all-weather outdoor TV to date. Model AE7570 is a sleek and elegant 75-inch all-weather outdoor enclosure that transforms the customer’s 70- to 75-inch slimline TVs into an ultimate all-weather outdoor TV solution.

Distributors and Reseller Collaboration

Apollo introduced its 85-inch concept in September, our dealer and distributor network came back to us with an overwhelming demand for a 75” enclosure. Upon further research, we acknowledged and understood the financial benefits of the 75” class, and, therefore, revised our production schedule.

Launch of Outdoor Digital Display Signage

Apollo Enclosures Introduces the New PRO X Line of All-Weather Digital Signage Enclosures.

Expansion of Partnerships with Online Speciality Retailers


Cinema Series - Largest Outdoor TV Enclosures in the industry - 86 inch and 98 inch


Introduction of the Elite-DS Direct Sun Models



Global Sales & Distribution

Lynn is your direct contact for product information, reseller, and consumer inquiries.